16 maart 2022

‘Finding a job as a non-EU student is hard’

“After being in Mumbai for over a month I am back in the Netherlands. I had to adjust to living on my own again. Other than attending university, I have been spending time with my floormates. We have had floor dinners and movie nights. One of my floormates had a projector so we had a small cinema in the kitchen.

I am also busy looking for a more stable accommodation. I can only stay here until August, even though I will finish university in 2024. It is hard to find something that is close to university for a decent price, especially with the housing crisis in the Netherlands. Looking for a place is very frustrating. Whenever I contact a landlord, they demand you earn three or four times the rent, there are deposits, no internationals, no students. There is a long list of no's and a short list of yesses. This has become very problematic. It seems like there is only housing for families, and no place for a group of students.

‘It seems there is only housing for families’

I just hope that the university, municipality or government will come with tangible solutions and create access to affordable housing. Right now, a lot of money is made from international students, but there is no housing for them after the first year. At the end of the day, students have enough problems to worry about. Not having to worry about where your will live in a few months will make your life a lot easier.

Luckily, I managed to get a part-time job here in Amsterdam. I have been looking for a job since November, but I got rejected every time. Whenever I got to the document signing phase, they saw that I was not an EU-citizen and it got cancelled again. It was a frustrating journey. Finding a job as a non-EU international student is hard, because my employer has to apply for a work-permit for me. It will take four to five weeks for the permit to come through, but after that I can finally start my job as a waiter in the restaurant.”




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