22 juni 2021

Feeling nostalgic

As I was writing my last blog for Ad Valvas, I realized that there are other things that are coming to an end this academic year. It’s the end of my board year and even my student life. There is a huge part of me that wants to hold on to the student life, because stepping out of university and entering into the next phase of life is exciting but equally scary. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead of me. Completing my studies has always been my priority and I am so proud to say that I have completed all my courses with good grades despite the times I felt like taking a break. I obviously couldn’t have made it this far without my mentor and supervisor who has been supporting and encouraging me throughout the year. It’s a very surreal feeling to finally be graduating as I never imagined I would be doing my courses online but I made sure to make the best out of it.

But I have seen many students suffer to get proper medications

Looking back at this academic year I feel nostalgic, as there is so much that happened this year. I even managed to visit my family in India and return back just before the second wave. I am glad I could meet my family. This has not been the same for all, as many of them are still waiting to meet their families. Away from home and falling ill has been very hard on students, especially the internationals who do not have any family to seek help from. One year of having no social contact; it was even made difficult to meet people and make friends. The Dutch healthcare system is very different from other countries and I have seen many students suffer to get proper medications. The university only guides in receiving health insurance, but the actual process of getting a consultation and medication is complex with no proper guidance. The current University Student Council has put in so much time and energy to bring in the student welfare point. Since we have received a green light with the plan, I hope this initiative could support and guide students for all their concerns regarding student wellbeing.

As our duties will come to an end in August, I want to give my best wishes to the new members of the University Student Council and to my brave fellow council members who choose to do another board year either in the University Student Council or in the Faculty Student Council. I really admire all their dedication. We are grateful to have such devoted students making sure that the welfare and interest of students are safeguarded. With just a few days left before the semester ends, I hope everyone is looking forward to the summer break as I am, and may this summer unite people with their loved ones.

Ayesha Noorain Rizwan

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