20 juni 2022

Bringing students together

It is already June. The year has flown by. I remember so well when I just started my adventure as chairwoman of the university student council, at the start of the academic year. From that position I have learned a lot about the organisational dynamics.

And now, the new student council has already been elected and we are busy with their transfer period.

The council has recently been involved in various requests for advice and approval and we have worked on all kinds of initiatives in recent months.

We have set up a VU-wide sports tournament, because sports connect. Students from different faculties and study programs are often isolated from each other and through sports they can come closer together. We also started setting up a culture day. An annual day in the event calendar that will be dominated by diversity, inclusivity, accessibilty and culture.
I am also proud of the art day, which is on the agenda, as art captures the imagination of students and also contributes to bringing students from all backgrounds together. Something that we as the student council have attached great importance to, this year. The first art day will take place this year, for which among other a theatre workshop has been planned.
We have committed ourselves to creating a VU-wide First Aid course: the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course (CPR). At my faculty of medicine, we already have a CPR course within the curriculum, but wouldn’t it be great if all students had the opportunity to master this skill? It can save lives!

‘I would advise all students to look for international opportunities, even if they sometimes seem far or difficult’

Together with another councilor, I am part of the international student council Aurora. We worked on a student handbook and I was involved in the quality management of Aurora which were very valuable experiences. I would advise all students to look for international opportunities, even if they sometimes seem far or difficult. A ship is made for sailing, so dare to go beyond what is already known to you!

The best thing about being chair for me is that I am engaged in various layers within the organization and with students, in order to integrate the student perspective in policy choices. I am glad that I got to know all my fellow councilors this year.
I am looking back on beautiful projects and moments and I am looking forward to taking all experiences with me on the new paths I will walk in my life.

Dies diem docet. The day teaches the day.

Asmaa Elhassan

Chair university student council

Asmaa Elhassan


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